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Desiree O’Connor became a member of the BHC management team May 1st, 2006 as the Support Services Manager. Formerly a Paraprofessional, Teacher and an Educational Therapist with the Ministry of Education and Development over a period of 9 years, Desiree changed careers from working with students at-risk to working with adults who are potentially at-risk. Desiree’s goal is to assist the adult population seeking housing with respect and compassion with the intent of helping them empower themselves and their families. Desiree’s tertiary education began at Bermuda College (1987-1990). She earned a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from King’s College, University of Western Ontario (1993). Her Bachelor of Education was gained from University of Toronto in 2002 and her Master of Education in Risk and Prevention was earned from Harvard University Graduate School of Education (2003).

Email: desireeo@bhc.bm
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