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BHC Board Members – 2018

Mr. Charlton Dill – Chairman

Major Leslie Lowe – Deputy Chair

Mrs. Trina Bean – Director

Mr. Zayne Bean – Director

Mr. Lawrence Scott, JP, MP – Director

Ms. N. Koshea Scott-Millett – Director

Mr. Juan Smith – Director

Ms. Madrica Smith – Director

Mr. Kim Tucker – Director

Mrs. Komlah Foggo-Wilson – Director

Ex-Officio Officers

Mr. Randy Rochester, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Public Works
Ms. Tina Tucker, Director of Budget – Ministry of Finance
Mrs. Pandora Glasford – Director of Financial Assistance –  Ministry of Health & Family Services

BHC Officials

Major (ret.) Barrett Dill – General Manager
Mr. Mark Melo – Finance Manager
Ms. Patricia Basden – Recording Secretary
Mrs. Joy Symonds – Human Resources Manager

The Board is made up of up to fourteen members; up to eleven members are appointed by the Minister responsible for housing and the remaining three are ex officio members from the civil service. The Board meets regularly once a month.

The daily operation of the Corporation is led by the General Manager with support from all Department Managers.